We Hate Spam

The email address and phone number you give when buying tickets will be used to deliver tickets to you, and to notify you if the performance time changes. That's it. Not only will we not pass them on to anyone else (except the event Promoter), we won't even use them ourselves - no "newsletters", no "important product announcements", nothing.
If you've signed up for Free Tix, we'll send emails recommending shows to you - but every single email will have at least two free tickets up for grabs.

We Protect Your Privacy

The information you enter is kept on file so that we can keep track of your tickets, and send them to you again if you lose them. You can always view or remove your information by emailing your request to privacy@dramatix.com.au.
In addition, we collect statistics about your web browser, computer type, and IP address, for the purpose of improving the Dramatix web site. These do not include anything which could be used to identify you.
We use cookies in order to authenticate you to view your tickets online.

Ticket Delivery

Your tickets will be displayed in your web browser (such as Firefox or Internet Explorer), and sent to you via email. It is up to you to provide a valid email address, and to configure your spam filter (if any) to accept mail from dramatix.com.au.

Internet Security

We use high-grade 256-bit AES encryption across the entire web site. Your credit card information will be unreadable by anyone except Dramatix. Almost all internet sites use the same Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology as Dramatix, but not all use the same grade of encryption.
You can verify this by double-clicking on the 'lock' or 'key' icon that's displayed in your web browser when you visit this site. Because our secure certificate is digitally signed by a trusted third-party, you can also be sure that you are dealing with the 'real' Dramatix.

Terms & Conditions Of Sale

  1. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. You should not purchase a ticket unless you are 18 years of age or older and understand and agree to these terms and conditions.
  2. Dramatix acts as a ticket issuing agent only. Dramatix sells various tickets on behalf of numerous promoters. Dramatix's obligation is to make bookings on your behalf and to inform promoters that you will collect your ticket with a ticket code at the promoter's venue for the event. No mail out or delivery of tickets will occur.
  3. Dramatix has no responsibility nor does Dramatix make any or give any warranty or representation regarding the event or program or the activities of the Promoter.
  4. All bookings and tickets issued are made subject to the terms and conditions and limits of liability imposed by Dramatix and the Promoter. Your legal recourse, if any, is against the specific promoter and not Dramatix.
  5. If for any reason the event is cancelled, delayed or unsatisfactory or your ticket is lost or unavailable your remedy, if any, lies against the Promoter and not with Dramatix.
  6. Dramatix is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information. Please click here to review our Privacy Policy.
  7. The Promoter reserves the right to add, remove or substitute artists or content in an event.
  8. The Promoter reserves the right to re-schedule any event. The Promoter will accept your ticket at the re-scheduled date of an event or provide a refund, inclusive of any booking fee (subject to the Promoter’s Terms and Conditions). A refund should be requested within seven days of the original date of the event.
  9. If an event is cancelled the Promoter will offer you a full refund inclusive of booking fee (subject to the Promoter’s Terms and Conditions) unless cancellation is due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Promoter.
  10. You as purchaser must maintain strict security of your ticket codes. No liability or refund may be obtained if your ticket code is compromised or tampered with or forgotten.
  11. Both Dramatix and the Promoter do not accept any liability of any kind, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, for any act, omission or default through negligence or other means, of third parties over whom Dramatix or the Promoter have no direct control. Under circumstances where liability cannot be excluded, the liability is limited to the value of the purchased ticket. No claim in contract, tort or otherwise can be made by you for any injury, damage, loss (including consequential loss), delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force majeure or any other event which is beyond the reasonable control of Dramatix or the Promoter.
  12. The laws of South Australia apply.

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