Sell More Tickets

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More tickets. Less hassle.

Easy To Buy

Make it easy for people to buy tickets, and they will. Your audience goes from "I'd like to see that" to "I have the tickets" in ten seconds.
There are no popups, no passwords, no shopping carts, no endless forms, no fees-on-fees, and no hassles.
For people without internet access, our phone lines are open 24/7.

Easy To Sell

You can add shows or change their details at any time. The website and phone service will update instantly.
You don't need to worry about splitting tickets between several sales channels. Allocate some tickets to Dramatix, and you'll receive a fax as soon as they sell out. You can make more available instantly.
We'll keep track of the contact details of your audience, so you can let them know if a show is postponed.

Easily The Most Advanced

You can give away tickets to generate buzz about your show, just like the highly successful TalkFringe program in the Adelaide Fringe.
You can keep track of your ticket sales online, and offer last-minute two-for-one deals to ensure a full house every night.
At the end of the show, we'll give you a detailed breakdown of ticket sales, so box-office splits and promotional costs are easy to keep track of.
If you need something else, just ask - we'll bend over backwards to make it exactly the system you want.

Easy To Afford

There are no fees apart from the booking fee paid by your audience. We use e-tickets, so there's no need to buy ticket stock. The entire box-office service costs you nothing at all.

There's no lock-in, and you're free to use other booking services at the same time.

This means that you can switch to Dramatix at zero cost and zero risk to you - if you don't like our system, you can change at any time.

Ready to Roll?

Just get in touch by emailing and we'll set you up with a demo account. You'll be able to add shows, "sell" dummy tickets, and trial the entire system for as long as you need. As soon as you're ready we'll flick the switch and you'll be live.

Take Away?

You can also download a booklet in PDF form.