Keith Potger 'Celebrating The Seekers - 60 Years' @ Flow Bar

Keith’s solo performances appeal to audiences for whom his music is a breath of fresh air: those who appreciate this wandering minstrel and his guitars (including that trusty 12 string) plus the ukulele that has added another colour to his musical palette. As a founding member of the internationally famous Australian group THE SEEKERS, he is known to countless fans and this is obvious in the welcome given to him by audiences round the world.

Over the past couple of years, Keith has developed his concept concert titled CELEBRATING THE SEEKERS - 60 Years, a solo tribute to the group he helped to form back in 1962 that covers the songs, the stories and the influences that shaped The Seekers in their rise to international fame.

CELEBRATING THE SEEKERS - 60 Years is an audio-visual treat, with rare footage and photos, some of which have not been seen before. His 12-string guitar was an integral part of their sound and being the arranger of the vocal harmonies he had a unique place in the group.

During his performance Keith pays a special tribute to his colleague and dear friend of 60 years, the late and great JUDITH DURHAM.

Keith is known to countless fans and this is obvious in the welcome given to him by audiences that have enjoyed his performances of CELEBRATING THE SEEKERS - 60 Years.

This special program contains some timeless favourites from The Seekers, some beautiful original ballads from his three solo CDs and a few hits from the ‘60s to the ‘80s that influenced the group and appeal to the generation who grew up playing SEEKERS albums at home or in the car. Throughout his show, Keith shares stories and amusing anecdotes from over 60 years on the international music scene.

Keith unfailingly delivers up-beat, heart-warming events that leave audiences reliving their fondest memories while sharing the joy that is a hallmark of Keith Potger’s solo concerts.

25 Aug 2024


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