Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) Training with Julie Larrieu

CPP is an intervention model for children aged 0-5 years who have experienced traumatic events and/or are experiencing mental health, attachment, and/or behavioural problems Therapeutic sessions  include the child and parent or primary caregiver

Training will occur through an 18 month CPP. Learning Collaborative(LC)  that meets the standard for a CPP Implementation Course. The LC  model is the dissemination strategy used by the NCTSN to supprt uptake  of best practices across a range  of service systems and settings What sets  an LC apart from traditional training is the intensive focus on learning by doing An IC includes inperson trainings or "learning sessions", intensive consulations, and peer to peer learning within and across participating organsiations

This model is best implemented when there is a whole of team approach, it is therefore recommended that there be more than one person from a team undertaking the training. If you would be the only person doing the training please contact Sally Watson on 0411 377347 to discuss before registering

LS 1 & 3 will be online LS 2 will be in person in Adelaide

If you require a registration form please contact


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