Dance Double Bill. Naked and Sable


What are social structures and how do they impact our behaviour? Why are we so compliant to behavioural patterning or norms despite our resistance to control from anyone outside our circle of trust. When the barriers are removed are we content with our freedom, do we truly want independence or do we then fall victim to our own insecurities, our inner fears and demons. What will we then cling to?     


 Amongst the bowels of the earth, something stirs. In the fecund black are born the deities that have governed our love, fear and understanding of darkness, through the eyes of the likes of Rodin, Breugles, Goya, Carravagio, Goethe, Dore and Bosch. The entities convene and transform, primordial chaos ensues and The Danse Macabre is conjured into life.


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