Masterpiece Improv (Changing Jennifers - MICF 2020)

Changing Jennifers, Adelaide's premier improv troupe, having dazzled audiences in Edinburgh Fringe and Melbourne Comedy festivals with hilarious improvised hijinks, are seeking a new challenge. THEY CAN PERFORM ANY PLAY WITH NO PREPARATION! Changing Jennifers will perform the first part of a scripted play and then improvise the rest! Feel free to bring a script from home with your top hat and monocle and put these seasoned improvisers to the test!

No two shows are the same, no play is too hard! Always wanted to see Waiting For Godot? Bring it along and see the version that Samuel Beckett WISHED he wrote!


Changing Jennifers are a comedy improvisation troupe who specialize in long-form improvisation. They get several suggestions from the audience, a location, an era, a famous person, a magical item, anything, and then improvise an hour-long story based on those suggestions.

They perform wild and obscure stories straight from the performers' twisted minds. No two shows are ever the same and no suggestion is too daunting for Changing Jennifers. In the same vein as classic shows 'Whose Line Is It Anyway', 'Thank God You're Here' and 'The Mighty Boosh', Changing Jennifers are side-splitting improvisational titans.

"A great night of laughs." - Fringe Benefits.
"Laugh out loud experiences." - dB Magazine.
"An international standard." - Adelaide Fringe.
"A hearty night of wit and comedy." - GLAM


Dramatix is currently unable to provide tickets for this event.

Please purchase tickets through the MICF website.

We look forward to seeing you at Speakeasy HQ (522 Flinders Street, Melbourne) on: