“A Mark Oats and Matt Zarb show is full of dazzling musicianship, laughter and fun "... M.Oats & M.Zarb.

Mark and Matt have been great friends and 'musical mates' for three decades. They never tire of playing music together, giving performances that are always fresh, vibrant and thoroughly entertaining.

Mark is, without a doubt, Australia's most well-loved rapscallion fiddler. He has a style all of his own that's opened doors for him to perform all over the world with the likes of Shane MacGowan (The Pogues) and the incredible Irish singer/songwriter Christy Moore. Mark has been a member of the iconic Aussie band The Bushwackers for 24 years, and he is a favourite of many, whatever outfit he is playing with. Mark is very much a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of guy. His happy-go-lucky way and natural ability to engage with an audience, together with his exceptional musicianship, make him an outstanding entertainer. You could search the world 1000 times over and still not find a better match for Mark and his fiddle than Matt. On guitar and vocals, Matt is a highly accomplished musician and performer who loves to entertain audiences with his songs and yarns.

Matt also has a colourful history of picking his way around the world performing with his 23 year old Maton. His ability to create beautiful music and give audiences enlivening experiences with his old guitar has grown from his own individual style and sound. During his career he has racked up some great gigs including opening for Willie Nelson, Keith Urban and many more during his time in Kentucky, where he lived for many years. Matty also won the National Busker of the year title at the Tamworth County Music Festival, and he has carried that humble 'feet on the ground' performance everywhere he goes.

Together, these two produce a unique sound and vibe that engages, enlivens and entertains audiences. Their sound is an eclectic mix of Celtic, Folk and Bushgrass music with a feel that only they can produce together - it's a must see and hear! In 2019 they will be out on the road playing festivals and events, looking forward to every gig and enjoying every minute of it. Check out their showreel for some exciting snippets of what you can expect to see and hear in a Mark Oats and Matt Zarb show. A lifetime of friendship and music has inspired this fantastically entertaining show. It's never the same gig twice, but a guaranteed great time every time!


Doors open at 6pm for dinner and drinks | Show starts at at 6:30pm

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