Professor Evalotte Mörelius .


Professor Evalotte Mörelius
How the early-life environment affects the development of our stress system.

Professor Evalotte Mörelius is a specialist in Paediatric and Neonatal Nursing and holds a joint position as Professor of Nursing (Children and Young People) at PCHand ECU. Evalotte is the PI of the Stress Research Program and leader of the Stress Interest Group (STING) comprising paediatric stress researchers in WA.

Her professorial position is supported by Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation. Previously, Evalotte was the Head of the Division of Nursing Science at Linkoping University, Sweden and president of the Swedish Association for Paediatric Nurses. She has also been guest professor at the National University of Singapore.

Her research interest is stress within the family. Evalotte’s research includes developing and evaluating methods to prevent and decrease stress when the child needs health care.The research includes children as well as their parents/caregivers.

To measure the objective level of stress, Evalotte has specialised in salivary cortisol and the development of the stress system in early life. Another focus is interventions to increase parent-infant interaction and closeness in neonatal intensive care. Evalotte’s research has a high clinical, family-centred focus and includes RCT studies as well as qualitative research.

In this lecture, Professor Evalotte will explore how our early-life environment affects the development of our stress system. Parental closeness, a sense of security, emotional availability and nourishment support the development of a healthy stress system, while long-term sickness, pain and stressful emotional environment may impact it negatively. As a way of example, this lecture will focus on the preterm infant in neonatal intensive care.

Thursday 11th June 2020
18:00 - 20.00 including a short break and question time Zoom Online Seminar


Registration available at Limited spaces availble

Competencies - Theoretical Foundations: Attachment, Separation, Trauma & Loss. Disorders of Infancy / Early Childhood



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