Louise Lamont Infant mental health - Self regulation.

Louise Lamont
Infant mental health - Self regulation.

This presentation will highlight the key components of Self-Regulation as developed by Canadian neuroscientist and published author Dr Stuart Shanker. This framework is helpful for understanding the impact of stressors (often hidden) in infancy and childhood on an infant or child's ability to regulate and looks through the lens of five self-regulation domains namely biological, emotion, cognitive, social and pro-social. Indicators of a dysregulated state in one, or all five of these domains often shows up in an infant or child's behaviour, mood, attention and physical wellbeing. An infant learns to self-regulate through a process of co-regulation via the parents and/or significant other caregivers, and this process will be explained further in the presentation, along with what an infant or child needs in relationship with those primary caregivers in order to thrive and meet developmental milestones in all five domains related toself-regulation.

Louise Lamont has an extensive history working in the human service and health fields in Perth, Bunbury and Canberra.Louise has held senior positions with both State and Federal Government and in the Not - For - Profit Sector.With a passion for social justice ,child protection, prevention and early intervention,Louise has worked in various roles specialising particularly in the field of family violence.Louise studied Self-Regulation for two years with a Canadian neuroscientist,Stuart Shanker.In her role as Executive Officer at the Phoenix Support & Advocacy Service,Louise applied the Shanker Method as a foundational underpinning for the Trauma Transformation program developed at Phoenix for clients that were survivors of childhood trauma.

Thursday 20th February 2020
The Boulevard Centre | 99 The Blvd, Floreat

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5:30pm Drinks and light supper (gluten-free and vegetarian options available)

Cost -AAIMH WA Members $20 Non-members $40 Student members $10 Student non-members $25

6:00-8:00pm Presentation and discussion
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Competencies -Theoretical Foundations
1. Infant / very young child development & behaviour
2. Infant /very young child & family- centred practice



Louise Lamont
Infant mental health - Self regulation.

There will be a brief update on the AAIMH WA Endorsement® project and the online information about the requirements for endorsement, including the AAIMH Competency Guidelines® which can now be downloaded from our website.

Infant Mental Health Endorsement ® is a recognition of the professional credentials of practitioners across disciplines in thearea of infant mental health (age 0-3years).

It acknowledges education, work experience, training, skills and professional reflective process across the continuum of care, frompromotion and prevention to intervention and leadership.



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