2019 Graduation Dance

Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance) Graduating Students and Technical Production Students present

the 2019 Graduation Dance Double Bill


I’m Here with Stupid by Peter Sheedy


Time of Our Life by Lee Brummer


'I’m here with stupid' – takes a look at human interaction on a myriad of levels and landscapes. It delves into our behaviours, attitudes and personal orientations mapping ourselves and our engagement with others in intimate contexts and in the public domain. The work captures us in a way that is brutal, raw and occasionally humorous as it tip toes delicately or smashes its way across the stage.       

 The work is created in collaborative process between the dancers and myself.  


'Time of our life’ explores nostalgia. The work has been created in collaboration with the performers and draws from personal experiences, memories and stories from the past and present. The work is performed in an intimate setting, creating a shared experience between the performers and the audience.


*The original work was created on and with ilYoung 2019 and premiered in Sweden in August 2019. The piece has been reworked in collaboration with the graduating class of AC ARTS (Dec 2019)



 Main Theatre

 39 Light Square Adelaide

 7.00pm   4 to 7 December   2019


This event has completely sold out!