MidWinter Murders

A murder has been announced. And in the time honoured tradition of Agatha Christie, Cluedo and Midsomer Murders, it's up to our intrepid audience of detectives to solve it before the killer gets away!

Each week, our cast of unusual suspects will improvise a brand new murder mystery in some of the most loved corners of pop culture, where even they don't know the identity of the killer. The game is afoot!

All shows in the Bakehouse Theatre Studio
Thursday nights, starting at 7.30pm (duration 60 minutes)
All tickets $10 online, or at the door

8 June: Clusual Suspects (A Cluedo murder mystery)
15 June: Murder at Hogwarts (A Harry Potter murder mystery)
22 June: The one with Friends (A sitcom 'Friends' murder mystery)
29 June: A Star is Killed (A Hollywood Stars murder mystery)
PLUS open mic improv at 8.45pm
13 July: Death in Devonshire (An English village murder mystery)
20 July: Disney - A Whole New Death (A Disney murder mystery)
27 July: Scriptease Kill Each Other (A Scriptease murder mystery)
PLUS open mic improv at 8.45pm

Featuring: Claire Bottrall, Marshall Cowan, Jarrad Parker, Elja Parsons, Curtis Shipley and Kirsty Wigg


Dramatix is currently unable to provide tickets for this event.

Please book tickets for your desired dates on or at the door on the night.

If you do not see the desired date available, these tickets will be released by the Bakehouse Theatre closer to the date.

We look forward to seeing you at The Bakehouse Theatre Studio on: