Term 1 Dance Double Bill

Adelaide College of the Arts & Flinders University

Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance) Students present

Term 1 Dance Double Bill

Featuring the work of 2nd year dancers, Design and Technical Production students.

where the air is silent by Scott Ewen

'Disappearing Women' - One of the many chapters from the expository text 'Bombs, Guns & Knives' edited by Malcolm Brown, delves into the stories of violent crimes against women in Australia.

Through the investigation of numerous cases and tellings, Brown portrays the idea that most cases occur by chance.  The chance that the victims are just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but think and assume that they are living in a civilised community.
This specific text is a harsh and blunt reminder to not only women, but to everyone, that we all fall risk to becoming a victim.
People have disappeared whilst leaving suburban shopping centres, they have vanished when walking to their cars after work, and they have even been taken from their own kitchens.  Our supposed civilised community is not so civilised. Within its dark alleyways, predators roam.


Hard Earned Thirst by Thomas Gundry Greenfield

Hard earned thirst. Things I enjoy .... Please enjoy this collaboration with five young dancers.


Main Theatre  Adelaide College of the Arts

39 Light Square Adelaide


7.00pm Tues 4 – Thurs 6 April

12.30pm Tues 4 & Wed 5 April

Tickets: Adults $25 Concession $15


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